And he must be really ill cause he is asleep on the lounge.  Without a nappy which is a bit of a worry, hope he doesn’t wet the lounge!


In the photo you can see his teletubbies on the TV cabinet (they were dressed up at Teenage Mutant Ninja Teletubbies but he has decided that they are now Spider- tubbies!) and behind the couch one of the the two mini tramps we have in the house for him to ‘jump his sillies out’ (to the song from Play School).  He is now tolerating a pillow case but as you can see the doona is still ‘naked’.

Boo woke this morning screaming in pain.  This in itself is strange cause he never feels pain.  Last time he had an ear infection I only knew once he came to me and said ‘What’s this crap?’ (stim talking – well mitigated echolalia to be exact 🙂 – finding a phrase from a movie/ad/real life he has heard and using it in an appropriate situation) and he had fluid crusting out his ear and down his neck.  I have had Dr’s chastise me for letting them get so far, but what can I do if he doesn’t feel pain?  He had 4 exposed nerves in his teeth and needed root canal work and we only knew something was up cause he was waking in the night laughing and gauging at his teeth with a pen.

Again, I digress.  This morning he was screaming at me to ‘get it out’ and thumping himself in the ear.  He is dosed up on panadol and now snoozing (panadol usually has no effect on him so that hasn’t made him sleep) and Hallelujah  we have a doctors appt at 5.30.  When it is getting dark.  But it was the only appt we could get.  God help me.  The ride home is going to be hell.

Swimming starts tomorrow with school and he has been beside himself with excitement.  He doesn’t go in the pool with the other kids, just splashes in the baby pool (loooooong story) so I am hoping that he can still go.  If he is feeling better in the morning I will send him anyway, even if he comes home straight after swimming and doesn’t stay the whole day.  He has been so good trying to learn to dress himself in anticipation of going 😦  He can now get his undies on without help (WHOOO HOOO!!), still needs a little help with pants and shirt as they are just tracky bottoms and a polo shirt and, well, shoes and socks are always going to be an issue I think. But he has concentrated hard and has practiced over and over which is a miracle in itself.  He has picked out his ‘swimming bag’, the towel he wants to use and I bought him a new pair of boardies that he wanted.

Oh how I hope he will be well enough for swimming!