Today is Monday.  Mondays we go to Officeworks after school.  Don’t ask me why, LOL, it is a routine that Boo decided on and that is what we do.  Mondays are Officeworks, Tuesdays we go to either Toyworld, or Clark Rubber , Wednesday we visit George at the milkbar and get a lemonade, Thursdays its Safeway and a bottle of Pump water and Fridays we see George again.  Boo likes to go somewhere after school before we get home and then we are home for 15mins before going to get the girls from the train station. Bit of a pain really but it keeps him happy.  And my whole life is about keeping this little guy happy.

Anyway I digress. First of all I need to set the scene.  Boo had just had a massive meltdown in the car – kicking, screaming and tooting the horn because I wouldn’t stop the car immediately on the highway – apparently he had a really good day at school and he always has a meltdown sometime after school if he has a good day.  Needs the release after holding it all in all day.  However after these incidents he becomes very calm and more ‘reach able’ IYKWIM?  Also for the last couple of weeks he has been making high pitched squealing noises and getting very upset when he hears anything high pitched.  It has got to the point where all the TV’s have to be on ALL the time up loud, the car radio is at ear splitting volume so he doesn’t hear me changing gears or the occasional squeal of the brakes and the washing machine has to be on when he is not home or asleep.

We were in Officeworks sitting on the office chairs as usual (they are going to make me buy one one day!) and I asked Boo about his day like I do every day.  And like everyday I get the same answer ‘shhh’ or some script from his latest movie obsession.

Then I asked him why he was screaming in the playground today.

Boo ‘Cause kids were screaming’

Me ‘when kids play they sometimes scream’

Boo ‘don’t like screaming’

Me ‘I know mate, but the kids don’t like it when you scream too’

Boo ‘don’t like kids screaming so I scream’

We are now at the longest conversation I have ever had with Boo without having to redirect scripting.

Me ‘ does it hurt your ears?’

Boo ‘yes, don’t like it so I scream’

Me ‘but then it hurts your ears too’

Boo ‘kids screaming bugs me’

Me laughing ‘yes I know mate’

Boo ‘kids screaming bugs me so I scream to bug them’

Wow.  Retribution.  Pay back.  Cause and effect.  Just plain kiddy justice. Cool!  How neuro-typical of him 🙂