the last lot (fingers crossed) have just left.  I am sitting here eating my ultimate comfort food (veggie bake with mustard sauce) and Boo is stimming his heart out watching Kath and Kim eating his fav – sausages. After Moo and Too’s friends left, mum came over for an hour or so.  Then just as I got Boo in the shower and changed into my frumpy pj’s the phone rang and A was going to be here in 5 mins with her brother.  Haven’t seen A in over a year since she moved to London, was wonderful to see her.  Leads a very glamorous life, up until a couple of weeks ago she was PAing for a very famous pop star, before that working publicity for a record company (got my DD’s lots of cool free stuff and concert tickets) but the best thing for my girls is that she has a severely disabled sister.  So she knows what the girls are going through and was a great sounding board for them before she moved.  It also shows my girls that you can do anything if it is what you want.  Unfortunately the only reason she flew back was to go to her fathers funeral tomorrow.

So over the weekend we have had 3 girls sleepover Friday night, 2 sets of parents to entertain Sat arvo, 1 sleep over Sat night, another come over in the morning, another 2 sets of parents to fire up the coffee machine for, my mum and then A and her brother.  Add in numerous phone calls from GF’s and support group parents, visiting my parents this morning cause Boo wanted to go for a long drive and I am in desperate need for some serious alone time.  Is it possible to love being with people and need solitude at the same time?  I could happily go weeks without visitors and enjoy my own company, but at the same time love to sit and chat – on the phone or in person.

Am way behind in my evening routine so better get on with it.  Have promised myself that I will paint my nails as they are looking rather horrid since I took off my dark nail polish, all stained and blech.  Thankyou to the person who invented quick drying nail polish!