What happened to my house?  It was really tidy yesterday and I could have sworn it wasn’t that bad last night.  Perhaps I was wearing my blinkers last night and didn’t really notice.  Also helps that the lights weren’t on……..

Too is at soccer tryouts for the regional team and Moo and A have gone with her.  So it is just me and the Dude home and he is wandering around the house saying ‘Would you care for some lip balm?’ to all manner of stationary objects.  Too’s friend  L is coming over at 12, and  A’s mum will be here at 2 so I better get on with it.   It is menu plan day today so I may fly around the house and then do it while I sit down and have a cuppa and catch up with all my emails.

Bugger.  That was the phone.  L is coming at 11.  Soccer tryouts should finish around then (fingers crossed) but that gives me even less time to get anything done!  Might be able to convince DH to look after Boo while L is here so I can get some more done……. Sigh.  Sometimes I wonder if my last name is really Murphy!

OK.  First things first.  Washing, finish loading dishwasher, pickup the contents of the exploding toy boxes in the family room and tidy kitchen.  Anything else before they all come home is a bonus!