Well it is over.  All but one has gone home (she is staying again tonight as she lives 50mins away – the peril of sending your kids to a far away school, the kids are all over the place!), the place is not too bad and I am about to do a little tidying up.  Was relagated to Boo’s room with the laptop most of the time and I really didn’t mind cause I spent the time tidying up my emails and creating new folders 🙂  DH, Too and Boo went to visit my parents to check out the new barn and DH ended up getting roped in to help Dad finish demolishing the back of the house in readiness for the new reno starting Monday.

And now for the photos.  Kicking myself I didn’t stay with them after taking the initial group photo cause they forgot to take photos of the cucumber sandwiches – which they ate nearly all of! – or the teacake!  Oh well.  It was such a success I think the girls want to do it more often – at someone elses house I hope!

High tea party guests

Here are the high tea guests.  They ditched the hat idea 😦 but it was a bit difficult to take them on the train to and from school.  I was impressed the W wore a suit though!  The girls spent 2 hours getting ready changing outfits a million times!  In the background you can see my bargain drapes I bought last week 🙂

cup photo

My Nanna’s gorgeous tea set.  The girls did name cards but I have blocked out the name.

food.jpghigh tea food

Some of the food served.

First picture: bottom front A’s special jam drops, bottom back C’s lemon slice and top coconut drops

Second picture: bottom E’s decorated cupcakes – notice the Harry Potter one on the right, they all fought over that one! Mini caramel cupcakes on top

Other foods were:  Cucumber sandwiches, cinnamon teacake, Tim Tams.

As you can see in the photos the high tea was held in the family room.  Dunno why.  The dining room was free and not filled with toys……

After they scoffed everything and had a couple of cups of tea, they read tea leaves.  Moo just got a message from C saying her prediction came true…… she was to have a disagreement with someone starting with ‘M’ and she did. Her mum.  I put my foot in it severely when A told me her prediction was that she would have some sadness at her wedding and I said that it probably would be that someone who had passed away wasn’t able to be there (considering she is only 16 I was assuming that it would be a while before she got married!) and she looked at me sadly and said that her grandfather passed away last weekend!  She hadn’t told anyone cause she didn’t want them to make a big deal of it.  Oh I felt bad about that.

Then they went outside and played on the trampoline (we have one of those huge springfree tramps that is a kid and adult magnet) and Boo’s huge therapy swing.  Then in to play Eyetoy.  They would have burnt off some of the sweets and I am pretty sure they will all sleep well tonight.

Well best get off here and finish cleaning up…….