Moo’s friend E is going to Italy on exchange in a couple of weeks.  The girls (and one boy) have decided to have a rather posh high tea to send her off.  Last night we had a giggle of girls sleep over – with the boy W coming later on this morning – and they shopped, baked and watched movies with a plethora of junk food.  Mum is helping out at a pizza shop for a friend and sent over a couple of pizzas as well 🙂

This morning they woke early and baked the tea cake.  How cool is that!  I haven’t had to bake a thing!  Right now they are all in the bathroom (Moo, C, E, A and Too watching them and shaking her head) putting on their faces and getting all gussied up.

The high tea has cost a little (actually a LOT) more in $$ than I was anticipating, but it is not as if this happens all the time and shows that they are all comfortable coming here (and organising a party here) even though Boo is around and acting like a madman.  He is really rather manic this morning so I called Mum and Dad and asked if DH can take him over to see the new barn to get him out of the house for an hour or so while the girls play tea parties.

Right now I am sitting in Boo’s room on the laptop while he is making a powerpoint presentation and stimming his heart out.  Need to keep him out of the kitchen cause it is full of gluten filled cakes and slices not to mention the priceless irreplaceable tea cups of my dear Nanna *bites nails*.

I am actually quite proud of myself, as those that know me will know that I am a bit (OK raving manic) of a perfectionist and handing over the organisation of this thing has been hard.  Yes I have spent days trawling the internet looking for information and ideas for high tea and printed out reams of paper of information, but I have left the decisions to Moo and her posse.

Will post later with photos hopefully 🙂