and feeling much more positive!

Oooh I was a busy girl yesterday!  Support group meeting (thankfully no newies so I could relax – but got some phone calls when I got home from adults with/wanting dx of Aspergers but thankfully they weren’t too long) shopping, weeded and cleaned up front yard, swept down walls and windows, tidied family room after cyclone DH and DS, couple of fling boogies, cut and filed my nails, dyed Too’s hair and started organising Moo’s ‘high tea’ tea party on the weekend! This was on top of all my usual routines. Was exhausted when I got to bed, but felt good 🙂

Today Boo is home again.  He was showered and dressed when I dropped the menagerie at the train station but then looked terrible as I was driving home.  All pale and flushed at the same time.  So he is home.  He is driving me batty with scripting and making food scenes (got the packaging from various takeaway places and he sets them up.  Today we have McDonalds and KFC.)  Will give him some panadol soon cause I *think* he has a headache and when I gave him a cuddle before I sneakily had a peek in his ear and it looks a little pink.  I only ever know that he has an ear infection when the bloody thing starts leaking – by then it is too late.  He has eaten his lunch already from his lunch box 🙂 and has a bottle of water so he should be right for a while.

This morning I have been rather motivated and I am just sitting down for a quick surf while waiting for the dryer to finish.  Bathroom is clean, laundry booted, kitchen scrubbed within an inch of its life.  Beds are made, washing out of rooms, raging paper hotspot on the dining table tamed and filed in their respective homes (recyling, filing cabinet, mums junk mail, to deal with file) and wandered around picking up rubbish from my wonderful, but desperately lazy family.  I am tossing up what to make for dinner tonight.  Kicking myself that I didn’t talk to Moo before she left for school today cause she has A sleeping over Friday and Saturday night and I am not sure what she wants me to cook for dinner when she is here.  Thankfully it is not C cause she is REALLY difficult to cook for, vegetarian (when she feels like it) and picky to boot.

The dryer has just pinged so off I am again…..