Last night when Boo was going to sleep he said to me that on Wednesday 15th of August he will wake up at 1.30am and I will sit with him (don’t remember the words exactly, brain is mush).

I woke at 2am hearing noises.  He was awake!  He has a high temp and is home sick today.  Really freaky that he ‘predicted’ it though.  I sat with him trying desperately to get him back to sleep for hours – he has played with the clock in his room so I had no idea what the time was – until fatigue engulfed me and I laid down and cuddled him to sleep.  Was up at 6am, bleary eyed and staggered into the shower.  At 7.30 DH announced that he wasn’t going to school today.  WAAAAAA!!!!!  I could have slept in!

Well the positive thing is that DH can stay home with him today while I go to my support group meeting (big yawn) and then I can get stuck into some decluttering when I get home not having to worry about stopping to go and pick Boo up 🙂