I just realised this.  I had a meeting with Boo’s aide this morning to work on his anger and write some social stories for the playground.  Lasted about an hour.  I came home and googled info about behaivoural intervention services (we don’t qualify for the BIST cause Boo doesn’t have a recognised intellectual disability) and found lots of information and checklists and whatnot.  Had a bit of a browse and realised that I know all that shit.  I just couldn’t be bothered.  I want someone else to come in and do it for me.  I even asked Moo to sit with Boo last night to get him to sleep cause I didn’t want to, pure and simple.

I really need to get over this apathy and get back with the program, perhaps even setting up his ABA program again.  Sigh….. do I have the energy or even the inclination?  We will see.

His case manager is coming soon to drop off some movie tickets and probably to talk to me about my little meltdown on the phone yesterday.  She caught me at a bad time.  But maybe it will mean some actual support and help.

OK, need to stop having this week long pity party and get on with it.  I bought some new curtains for the family room yesterday (20 bucks a pair!  BARGAIN!) to keep the heat in, hopefully it will keep the room cooler in summer too.  So the family room is the room I am attacking today.  Done 3 loads of washing so far and I want to get on top of it all today as well cause I have meetings all day tomorrow and I had some big plans for this week and I have fallen dismally behind!

Got to pick Moo up from Drama class tonight so tonights dinner will be eggs – quick and simple and we have 3 dozen eggs thanks to mums happy chooks.  So cheap yummy frugal meal tonight 🙂

OK, gunna chuck on some music (after case manager leaves of course or I wont hear the door!) and get down and dirty, LOL.