I have woken feeling more positive and human this morning.  Up early due to Boo jumping on the bed asking me to wrestle him and Paul turning up at 8am to get his DJ trailer that we have been storing.  Saw it as an opportunity to get an early start (well for a Sunday).  I am almost all Flyladyish – showered, dressed (not to shoes, confuses DS, long story) makeup etc.  Bathroom is swished and swiped, laundry on (OMG Too can get dirty!  Doesn’t help that she has a white school top!) and all the washing that has mysteriously appeared in the laundry is sorted waiting to be washed.  I have shut the laundry door tightly so hopefully, fingers crossed, Boo doesn’t hear it and I can get at least the uniforms washed.

A mum from school who is a hairdresser is coming at 1pm to cut Boo’s hair.  Should be an experience in tolerance for all involved.  I have a stash of safe lollies in the pantry to bring out to try and distract him.  His hair is an enormous ball of curls so I need to try and attack the knots before she comes.

Got some big plans for today.  House work of course, but I need to do some baking cause Boo is out of food.  Too is off to as party with her best friend J and I also have to dye Moo’s hair.  Should keep me on my toes 🙂  will have a look at my menu plan to see what I feel like for dinner tonight so I can get that organised too.

Well coffee is finished so it is time to get moving!