He is at it again.  That freaky weird squinting eye thing.  He is sitting there with his Simpsons toy moving his head slowly back and forth squinting at the toy.  I know it is a stim, but it probably the only thing that truly makes me uncomfortable.  I know it is an Autism thing, and I am OK with most of his other stims (others that were TOTALLY inappropriate, like running his face up and down any girls leg that was wearing a skirt, we have worked extensively on and managed to replace with more appropriate activities) this one just freaks me out.  He looks deranged, and it is worse the older he gets.  Can’t imagine what it will look like when he is 6ft 6 as his paed predicts…….

Other stims are quite soothing.  I have tried them 🙂  Not with him around of course, don’t want him to think I am picking on him or anything – would he even think that?  Probably not.  Flapping is nice actually.  Try it.  I dare ya.  It is really quite soothing.  Another one is when he sits cross legged and tucks his hands in the fold behind his knees and stiffens his arms and pulls them outwards.  That feels really good!  Stretching the arms and neck and back.  MMMMMM.  Then there is the constant talking to himself out loud.  We all talk to ourselves, some of us even blog it 🙂 most people don’t do it while standing in line at school/the shop or walking down the street.  One girl at school asked me why he does it yesterday.  I just told her that everyone talks to themselves, just usually in their head (and she agreed)  Boo just feels comfortable enough to do it out loud and doesn’t care what other people think.  She thought about it for a minute and then told me that she does it in her room and when she is in bed and it would be cool to not care what other people think.  🙂  Now Boo has another fan, LOL, she thinks he is cool!

Right now he is on his laptop playing Mika ‘love today’ LOUD (oh how I despise that song) with Homestar in the background.  He is mixing the music.  Gunna be a DJ like his Daddy methinks.  They just better like HIS music, LMAO, cause he doesn’t take requests……