Well it is day 6 of feeling like absolute crap.  I have fallen in a spectacular heap and have had the flu from the bowels of hell and now I have a home to match.  It is bugging me no end but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, just going to the loo requires a rest break.  DS has now got it too and has eaten 3 lemonade icypoles and a pkt of ham sticks in the last two days 😦  but thankfully he doesn’t seem to be too bad as I can hear him gaffawing in his room playing Spongebob kar-arrrr-tay.  DH is at Mum and Dad’s helping them tear down the back room in readiness for the reno’s, sooooooooo not fair!  I should be there weilding a sledgehammer instead of nursing a polar fleece blanket and a roll of loo paper to mop up my nasal secretions.  DD2 is at L’s house and I really should tidy up the lounge room and brush my hair before she gets dropped off.  Or at very least put some clean clothes on a brush my teeth!  Mebee later.  After I um, rest.  DD1 is making a ‘monster’ handbag and calling me every few minutes to re-thread the sewing machine.  I KNOW I will end up having to finish it off for her and honestly would love to join her making it but I have more pressing needs right now…….. resting up cause I feel I will need to go to the loo again sometime soon.

I have done something today.  2 loads of washing and dinner is in the crockpot.  Some concoction I got off the internet that I am hoping will taste magnificent, but anything is better than the junk we have been eating this week while DH has been in charge.

Heres the recipe for prosperity just in case we actually like it and I want to make it again 🙂

Creamy Mushroom Crockpot Chicken

4 large chicken thighs

2 cans of cream of chicken and mushroom soup

1 can mushrooms

handful of sliced mushrooms that were lurking in the fridge

pkt onion soup mix

cup of water

Chop up chicken and bung it all in the crockpot.  Give it a stir.  Cook till ready 🙂

I am thinking I might chuck in some more water and some rice to thicken it up and then some frozen brocolli at the end.  Will see if I 1. remember and 2. could be bothered.