I need to take up a hobby.  Something concrete instead of mindlessly surfing the internet, biting my nails or obsessively redoing the budget and staying up all night worrying 😦  On a couple of my yahoo groups people have started talking about Christmas so this got me thinking and I have decided to try and learn to crochet so I can make Mum a doily for her dining table.  Many reasons for this: the dining table was my darling Nanna’s (who passed away just on 2 years ago, 3 weeks after my grandfather), she is having a huge reno done (thanks to her inheritance from my grandparents) and will for the first time have a decent kitchen and dining room and she is one of those soppy ones that love homemade thoughtful gifts.  I figure if I give myself a couple of months to practice I should have it done by Xmas and it gives me something to do while I am trying to get the Dude to sleep at night instead of aimlessly trawling the internet or *shudder* discovering Ebay again!

I have found a couple of useful sites for learning to crochet but it is proving to be a lot harder than I was anticipating.  I am thinking it is a problem with my ‘tension’, but I am unsure.  I may have to find a real life person to teach me!