Well today is pay day.  So the merry menu planning starts again.  Last fortnight I managed to do a wonderful menu plan and bought all the ingredients and then promptly fell miserably ill on Saturday and all the food is still in the cupboards/pantry/fridge.  Men just don’t get menu planning, or recipes or being organised in general I think……. or perhaps it is just mine, LOL.

I have asked DD1 to make dinner tonight (should be interesting) and will go through the supplies tomorrow and do a menu plan based on what is on hand.  Need to do another pantry restock but will wait for my tax return.  Have to do a serious rethink of our staple recipes as DH has just found out he has high cholesterol.  Hmmmmm.  Perhaps introducing ‘dessert’ each night of fruit will perhaps curb his voracious appetite for seconds and thirds.  Will ponder this some more…….