Thanks to my guru Flylady I am *almost* on autopilot when it comes to my daily routines. I thought I would post my basic weekday morning routine now that I can do it without even thinking. Hope to get that way with my evening routine one day!


get kids up

make DS’s lunch and my lunch

open blinds

do hair/makeup while showering DS

dress DS

drive DH and DD’s to train station

make DS’s breakfast

load in machine

finish hair/makeup

swish and swipe bathroom

tidy kitchen

make beds

check bags (mine and DS)


pick up stray items in lounge

DS to school and me to work

I never would have guessed that I could manage to do these things without even thinking. They even seem less of a chore when I am not taking any notice of what I am doing. Usually I have some stupid bloody song stuck in my head (yes almost every morning I wake with some song looping around in my head) and I am concentrating more on either trying to get rid of it or working out what the lyrics are than what needs to be done.

And then there is the ultimate bonus……… going into our bedroom to find that DH has already made the bed! Oh the bliss…….. LOL