Was in Safeway with DS on Thursday after school. He was a tad overwhelmed and was scripting a bit and making a few ‘noises’, but generally doing well. We were wandering down an isle and DS was a way in front of me. A woman was blatantly staring at DS with disgust. You know that digusted ‘don’t let that kid near me’ look. I sidled up to her with my hands nonchalantly behind my back and said ‘Enjoying yourself?’ The woman was horrified and hurried back down the aisle! Saw her a couple of aisles later and she turned around and fled. Gave DS a kiss on the head and chuckled to myself 🙂

Normally I would give someone like that a dirty look or say something rude. I was proud of myself that I didn’t do that. I *get* that people will look at DS, he does do weird things and is obviously *different*. But when someone stands and STARES at my baby the mummy lion comes out in me and sometimes I cannot control myself. I was physically restrained by a mum from school at the zoo last year as I was so upset by a woman staring and commenting on my child. So Thursday’s reaction is a huge step for me and for it to be such a benign comment and so effective is such a bonus.

giving myself a pat on the back for being strong and not going for the womans jugular, LOL.