He found it again, the little bugger. I went into the bathroom and there it was on the floor next to the loo…….. ewwwy ewwy! Well at least I should be thankful that he doesn’t put things back after himself LMAO.

I had to go to work with furry teeth today. Did the toothpaste on the finger thing but it is not the same. No way I was going to risk brushing my teeth with his butt…….

So I have another ‘cleaning’ toothbrush. thankfully today I found 5 for $2 at the Chemist Warehouse so should last me a week or so. 🙂 Trying to think of a new hidy hole for my toothbrush now. Perhaps in my bedroom. Sigh. Why is it only MY toothbrush that he wishes to scrub his sphincter with……. I guess I will never know.