For the inititated DS is on a special diet. Main exclusions are dairy and gluten. Safeway in their wisdom decided to discontinue his ‘cheese’ mid last year and today because of the wonderful Jo from our local (tiny) supermarket WE HAVE CHEEEEEESE!

DS came home and had 3 cheese sandwiches in quick succession and didn’t eat the ‘pizza’ I made him for dinner, LOL.

The stuff smells like feet and is the consistency of warm plastic but the kid loves the stuff 🙂

So happy to finally have something different to add to his very limited reportoire! He had his first ‘home burger’ a couple of weeks ago (finally mastered gluten free soft rolls!!! Yay me) so now he can have a cheese burger. Perhaps we should make our own little boxes and chuck a toy in and have a home made Happy meal! Just gotta come up with a catchy name for it.