I told this story to a workmate the other day and she cried. I did too at the time but not for the same reasons…….

DS has got to the point where we can finally leave him alone in the bathroom for a few minutes while he takes a shower or a bath. One particular day I was doing my usual 33 things at once and was popping in and out of the bathroom. Imagine my shock at the sight that greeted me this particular evening. We have a large spa in our bathroom. The shower head is above. With the door open you get a clear view of whomever is showering. I wandered in to find DS with his leg up on the side of the spa and cleaning his bottom with MY TOOTHBRUSH!

God only knows how many other times he has done the same thing……… *shudder* So now I hide my toothbrush and if it is ever moved from its possie I buy a new one!