I am sure you are wondering what the deal is with the name of this blog. Well DS is OBSESSED with computers and all things electronic. He loves to draw and *write* in particular fonts, much to the exasperation of his teacher and aide. The Dudes’ favourite font is Magneto Bold 🙂 Unfortunately this particular font is not available for this blog (waaaaa!) so bold will have to do!

This reminds me of a DS moment………… term 2 of Prep (first year of school here in Vic) it is before school starts and we are standing near the office. I am chatting to the office ladies and the Dude is studying the posters and flyers on the noticeboard. Mr R the principal wanders up to DS and greets him. DS turns to Mr R and proceeds to drill him on the font of each and every poster and flyer on the board and gave him a withering look each time he got them wrong……. Mr R has now had a crash course in fonts and DS is impressed.