DS is sick 😦 So sick that we had to take him to the doctor. He
can’t tell me what is wrong but he is sad, lethargic and his voice is
‘fading out’ (DS’s words). Put him in bed with me last night and he
was asleep by 9.30 and woke every hour or so for a cuddle. But stayed
in bed which is unusual for him. So off to the doctor we trundle.

This is a new surgery and Dr so DS did his usual tantie out the
front, imaginary rub out of the building and re draw.

Eyes averted, clutching of small children or open shocked stares as
we walk in the waiting room. Consider stripping naked to see if
anyone bats an eye, but instead concentrate on finding a seat as far
away from the terrified occupants of the waiting room so they don’t
have to acknowledge our existence. And these people didn’t see the
tantie outside, just DS flapping his arms as we walked in.

Love this surgery as we only just put our bottoms on the seat when we
were called (gotta love it when the receptionist has a nephew with

So we walk in and greet the lovely jolly Russian doctor.
DR: ‘Hello XX, how are you?’
DS: ‘ Good thankyou. Your face smells like ham’
Horrified gasps and attempts at apologies from Dh and I
DR: taken aback ‘Ok then, you don’t want to eat it though cause I need my face’
DS smiles
DR: ‘Do you have a sore throat?’
DS: ‘What are you some sort of quack?’
Cue horrified groans of embarrassment from the parental units
DR laughing: ‘No but I will help you.”

then DS let him look in his mouth and ears! Rest of the appt was
fabulous. Turns out DS has a severe throat infection as well as both
ears. Sigh. Looks like I will need to stock up on toilet paper
again, LOL as he is on antibiotics. Dr gave him a pen because he was
so good. Couldn’t have given him a better present (well perhaps a
laptop!) as DS is obsessed with drawing 🙂

Walk out of the Dr’s room, smile happily at the still terrified but
now annoyed waiting room (well we did just walk straight in!) pay the
bill and leave.

Probably the best visit to the doctor we have ever had!